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Abdi's Gourmet Solutions are made with authentic organic ingredients for a genuine ethnic Arabian/East African flavor

Sweet Sauce

Made of the finest ingredients

Mild Sauce

Made with real habenaro

Red Sauce

Truly delicate and spicy flavor to make your recipes unique

Green Sauce

Great for Arabian dishes

Chili Habanero

NEW! XXtra Hot Sauce Salsa

Chili Habanero

NEW! XXtra Hot Sauce Salsa available in 4 fl oz size

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Looking for something different?

Abdi's Gourmet Solution Sauces is looking to sell its enterprise! Please contact us at (507)-476-3476 if you are interested in the acquisition of this business potential. Sale includes recipes and letters with governmental approvals.

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Abdiaziz Jama

  Owner/General Manager
Abdi's Gourmet Solutions Sauce

Phone: 507-476-3476
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Abdi's Gourmet Solutions Sauce contain healthy and natural ingredients that help your body in many ways.

Gourmet Sauces are made from 12 all-natural ingredients including tomatoes and peppers locally grown in Minnesota and without chemicals.

Dates & tamarind are the “secret” ingredients that make our Gourmet Solutions sauces both healthy and irresistible.

DATES: Dates are a naturally sweet dried fruit. They are one of the best natural sources of potassium, soluble and insoluble fiber (shown to lower cholesterol), and are full of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants). Read more on the nourishing benefits of including dates in your diet.

TAMARIND: A bean pod soaked in water to release the slightly sweet and tangy sap. Tamarind stimulates excellent digestion and is the source of a unique antioxidant (tartaric acid), as well as soluble fiber, iron (builds the blood), thiamin, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Read more on tamarind’s nutritional/medicinal properties.

Follow the links below to learn about some of these special foods.

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